The Greenpower Race

The Greenpower Race was created by the Greenpower Education Trust and was split in different classes, one of which was the Corporate Challenge, the one PSEM competed in until the end of 2016. In 2017, the organisation of the competition changed and from then on PSEM competes in F24+, a class that includes young students from highschools and universities. We compete not just in the International Final but in the races before as well in order to qualify for the final.

The final consists in a 60-minute race, in which all participants must use the same electric engine and two 12V batteries. Thus, the real differentiating factor in the performance on track between different teams is in all other components developed by the team, the race strategy and the pilot’s ability.

The International Final of 2018 included about a hundred cars, in a clear demonstration of the success and the relevance of the competition nowadays.