About us

“Projecto de Sustentabilidade Energética Móvel” (PSEM) is an autonomous section of the Students Association of the Instituto Superior Técnico which is composed by students that share the common passion for engineering.

How it started

In its current form, PSEM began in 2013 thanks to Siemens will to have a team representing IST at Greenpower.

With that goal in mind, students ranging from Mechanical to Electrotechnical Engineering courses got together to start building on SolidEdge what would later be PSEM's first prototype, the GP14.


In 2014, the team built the GP14 prototype from scratch to compete in October in the international final’s circuit in Goodwood. With an aluminum chassis spaceframe weighing approximately 6kg and the car body made from both carbon and glass fiber, the total weight of the vehicle was just short of 65kg, a weight inferior to most other cars in the competition. Even though we weren’t able to compete due to technical issues, we ended up noticing we had one of the most advanced cars in the competition, due to the way the car’s suspension was built and the lightness of its chassis.


After the race in 2014 and having returned to Lisbon, the team immediately started working on the new car. After analyzing the errors and flaws from the year before, we realized there where many points to be improved. With that in mind, we focused on correcting all the issues.

After several months of hard work, we developed the GP14.EVO, which we took to England to compete with. We ended up in 14th place of a total of 40 participants and won the Siemens Engineering and Design Award for the first time!


Following the great results of 2015, we went on to improve the GP14.EVO even further; Hence, the name GP14.EVO2. Simultaneously we started to project a new prototype, the GP16, which would only come to life in 2017.

Came October we went to England for a 3rd time. Despite finishing in the 24th place, we won the Siemens Engineering and Design Award again. This time for the project of the GP16, that would later become the GP17, after a couple of adjustments.


After the 2016 season, it was decided that PSEM would move forward with the construction of a new vehicle, the GP17. Given that ambitious goal, the team set out to make a totally different car, with a new transmition, direction and electronical system.

Having completed this task, the team went on to compete in a brand-new set of races aimed at universities and companies, the F24+. After two races, the team managed to qualify for the International Final in Rockingham. Here we had the best results of the team so far, having ended the competition in 6th place, renewing the Siemens Engineering and Design Award for the third year in a row.


With the new year the team decided to advance with the construction of the evolution of the GP17, surpassing the difficulties encountered in the 2017 competition and building innovations that would bring good results to the team.

This year, the team participated with GP17.Evo, qualifying for the International Final in Rockingham, which resulted in a 7th place, despite the problems that occurred in the final moments of the race.