Our Mission

Projecto de Sustentabilidade Energética Móvel (PSEM) is a group of students from Técnico Lisboa

PSEM’s objective is to design and build high efficiency electric vehicles. The team is frequently confronted by various issues, solving them with bold ideas and teamwork, applying the academic knowledge provided by the University and applying the most recent technologies. This promotes an environment of cooperation , technical and human development between everyone involved, be them students, professors or sponsors.
Currently PSEM competes in Greenpower. Greenpower was created by the Greenpower Education Trust and is divided in several classes, the highest of them, Corporate Challenge, being the one in which we compete.

Our main sponsors

Without whom this project would be impossible.

Solid Edge / Siemens

Provided by Cadflow are our main sponsors, and the ones who got us into Greenpower. We used Siemens software Solid Edge to design our prototypes. Cadflow are the representatives of Solid Edge in Portugal, and they help us with the technical issues we face when working with Solid Edge and NX.

Instituto Superior Técnico

The home of our project. It's thanks to Instituto Superior Técnico and the conditions that they give us that we are able to work in this project. We owe a big thank you to Técnico.